Monday, June 16, 2008

Playback: Listen To Martin Folkman & Ariel Anytime!

If you missed my awesome conversation with Martin a few weeks ago - it's not too late! you can dial in and listen at anytime and listen to Martin talk about why you should consider using songwriting competitions to leverage your career.

Many artists have called me to say how much they learned from Martin's insight and are now entering songwriting competitions just like Martin's Independent Music Awards.

To Listen NOW Dial in: (712) 432-1286 Access Code: 232 271#

I am traveling like a these next few weeks and I will resume the Teleconference Series in July!

Happy Summer Y'all!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tuesday May 27 Teleseminar Topic: Building Your Career Through Music Awards With Martin Folkman

Conference Dial-in Number: (712) 432-1699
Participant Access Code: 232271#

Ariel is delighted to announce the May 27th FREE teleseminar will feature Martin Folkman, Publisher of The Musicians Atlas and the Founder of the Independent Music Awards. Many artists use awards to boost their profiles and up their exposure. Martin will be on hand to discuss the pros and cons of music awards and you can get your questions answered in whether they are right for you!

Martin Folkman is a founding member of Music Resource Group (MRG), publisher of The Musician's Atlas and director of the Independent Music Awards (IMA). Comprised of music industry professionals, MRG creates resources, programs and interactive tools for all members of the independent music community. By focusing on the current music scene and music business trends, MRG through products like The Musician's Atlas, the interactive AtlasOnlline and programs like the Independent Music Awards, helps artists, music business entrepreneurs and other industry professionals to make, market and sell music more successfully.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Tuesday May 13 Teleseminar Topic - Freedom From Fear - Featuring Julie Flanders - 8 PM EST

Conference Dial-in Number: (712) 432-1699
Participant Access Code: 232271#

Ariel will lead a special conversation designed for any musician who faces fear (on or off stage). Spiritual poet Julie Flanders is a powerful writer, performer and healer. Lyricist for the band October Project and primary collaborator for composer Emil Adler, Flanders songs are known for their haunting explorations of light & darkness, loss and redemption. Her work is passionate, crafted and infused with an urgent magic that reaches deeply into the heart of the listener. The lyrical beauty of her words is also reflected in her collaboration with recording artist Sylvia Tosun.

As a solo performer, Flanders is known for her emotional power, hypnotic presence, and wild improvisational energy. Her unforgettable storytelling and dramatic songs are both intimate and theatrical. Every one of her performances is unique.

Gifted as an intuitive healer and skilled as a hypnotherapist/NLP practitioner, Flanders also helps people with her energy-work, teaching and healing.

Clients in her private practice have included Academy Award winners, New York Times best-selling authors, performers from Broadway, Off-Broadway, The Metropolitan Opera, The American Ballet Theatre, The New York City Ballet and television, as well as creative people and entrepreneurs in all walks of life.

Selected by Time Out Magazine as “one of New York’s top practitioners,” Julie has also taught at The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY and The Crossings in Austin, TX.

Teleseminar on Tuesday April 8 - Featuring the owners of Estate Sound - Home Studio vs. Pro Studio 8 PM EST

Conference Dial-in Number: (712) 432-1699
Participant Access Code: 232271#

Our April 8th Teleseminar will focus on a topic that has been on the fore front of many artists minds: Home Studio vs. Pro Studio? With the advent and availability of ProTools and Garageband fewer artists are turning to professional studios, which were once a norm for all artists. if you have any questions about mastering and when to use a pro studio or you want to talk to some real live engineers and studio owners this is the call for you.

Ariel will be speaking at the BMI Panel on April 8th in NYC so John Taglieri will be taking over this teleseminar - Our special guests will be Joshua Gannet (Engineer) and Matthew Aidekman (Owner)

About Estate Sound:
Matthew Aidekman opened Estate Recording with one specific goal. He wanted a recording studio which was a place of creativity and inspiration for clients and not a mere office of musical performance documentation. It's taken a number of incarnations to arrive at a comfortable place where visitors can't walk in without tripping over something that clangs, bonks, or beeps. Training and learning from his staff is something that Matthew takes a lot of pride in. In the last few years, Matthew has also taken to programming plugin effects, synthesizers, interactive art, and stochastic music.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Teleseminar on Tuesday March 25th Featuring Ari Nisman From Degy Booking 8 PM EST

Conference Dial-in Number: (712) 432-1699
Participant Access Code: 232271#

Ari Nisman from Degy Booking will be featured on our next Teleseminar to give you the 411 on booking (clubs & colleges), getting a booking agent and all things on-road related. If you have any questions you will have an opportunity to ask Ari

With nearly 100 exclusive artists in every style, genre, and budget, DEGY ENTERTAINMENT is one of the largest providers of music entertainment. We proudly assert that all of our acts, though each different, special and stylistically unique, share an innate ability to entertain and leave the stage with the crowd wanting more. Our talent buyers range from small clubs to large concert halls, festivals, colleges and PACs around the world.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Teleseminar with Ariel and Bob Baker is HERE

Bob Baker, Ariel Hyatt & Jason Van Orden (of Promoting Your Podcast)

You can click on this link and listen to it at anytime :)

Monday, February 18, 2008

February 26th Teleseminar - Bob Baker

Our next Teleseminar will feature the one and only Bob Baker – Who is a dear friend and co-presenter of my Indie Musicians BootCamp. Bob is also the author of fabulous Guerilla Music Marketing Handbook and he is dedicated to showing musicians of all kinds how to get exposure, connect with fans, sell more music, and make more money.

Call Date: Tuesday February 26, 2008 – 8 PM EST (that’s New York time)
Dial In #: 712 775-7000
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